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“La Crème de la Crème”

Here is the crème de la crème of made-in-France products selected by Bleu de France.
All these items were selected because they are useful, well made and beautifully designed.

What is Bleu de France ?

Cool French Stuff

«Bleu de France», also known as “Royal Blue” is the name of a color and used to be the livery of official teams representing France at international motorsport and airplane competitions until the 1970s.

Today, the BLEU DE FRANCE concept store offers a beautiful selection of useful, original, elegant quality products that are all made in France.

Founding Partners

BLEU DE FRANCE was founded by
  • David Ménochet
    David Ménochet

    A tireless traveler and serial entrepreneur, David could never choose among his many different passions. Torn between his love for cars, sailing, exploring tropical rain forests in search for endemic frogs and ancient civilizations’ History, he finally settled for a marketing career in the automotive industry.

    • Justine Lowinger
      Justine Lowinger

      A born Art-Director, Justine has a strong personality and is not one to shy away from new, exciting challenges. A genuinely multi-talented woman, she has a passion for drawing, nature, visual arts and cooking. Her sharp eye is second to none to spot the beautiful items that are on display at the store.

      “We share a common taste for creation, beautiful objects and meeting new friends.
      Our goal is to share our most interesting discoveries and stories with visitors from all over the world.”

      Our mission

      A selection of high-quality and genuinely French products

      At Bleu de France, our mission is to offer visitors a selection of high-quality and genuinely French products that are actually « made in France ».

      We help our customers to discover new, up-and-coming French brands or to re-discover old household names that manufacture useful, well-designed, quality products.

      The store is an authentic treasure trove where curious visitors can find all king of items ranging from fashion items to interior decoration and even unique pieces of gallic technology.

      Bleu de France

      Cool French Stuff

       46, rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris

      tuesday to saturday : 13h – 20h
      sunday : 14h – 18h

      + 33 (0)9 50 96 89 12

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